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150 ALW Side Labelling System and label applicator featuring an aluminium alloy conveyor (1.5 metres long x 150mm wide), fitted with ‘Food Quality’ plastic belt, operating at variable speeds from 5 - 20 metres per minute.

Fitted with Motorised Wrap-A-Round Unit to enable partial or full wrap of label around cylindrical products up to 150mm diameter (Full wraparound up to 80mm diameter) complete with vertical mounting column fitted with handwheel adjustment to accept 150 Series Labelling Head, product guides and photoelectric product detection. All mounted on a base fitted with castors and adjustable jack feet to facilitate easy movement without the loss of stability once in position. The label applicator will be via a 150 series Labelling Head complete with integral control unit, label reel core adaptor and photoelectric label detection, capable of applying labels up to 150mm web width at variable speeds from 5 - 20 metres per minute.

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