Drillbinders Schutte.

Drillbinders / Sack ties

Bag Closures Schutte Bagclosures

Especially designed for closing heavy bags quickly and firmly, by using a hand tool to twist the closure. Can also be used for bundling of various products, to attach floor heating tubes and wire fences.

Norpak's range of Drillbinders, also known as sack ties,  covers lengths between 80mm and 380mm with wire thicknesses starting at 1mm. Materials and finishes are offered in Galvanised, Coppered, Annealed and Plastic coated. These bag closures are usually supplied in bundles of 5000, but smaller counts of are possible if required. Drillbinders are applied using a Manual Tying Tool, which we can also supply.

Drillbinders are available in an assortment of colours including blue, red, green and yellow.

They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including heavy duty sacks, refuse bags and paper bags, and are also used for fencing and penning. If you don't see the Drillbinders/sack ties you are looking for contact us for further information.

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