Toshiba B-EX4T2 barcode printer.

Toshiba B-EX4T2 Printer

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The B-EX4T2 is a shining example of why Toshiba is top of its class in the industrial printing industry with its technical standards. The B-EX4T2 reliably delivers high quality images and performance in any type of environment, economically and at a low running cost.

This flexible, high performance, cost-effective printer boasts legacy compatibility and easy maintenance while delivering a simple plug and play setup and should easily integrate into your existing workflow.

  • Z-Mode emulation for legacy software

  • 12 ips (304 mm/sec) at 300 dpi

  • 6 ips (152 mm/sec) at 600 dpi

  • 450m, 600m & 800m ribbon lengths - longest on the market

  • High quality yet economical performance

  • Solvent-free ribbon, carbon neutral printing

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