Clipstrip Plus.

ClipStrip Plus

Bag Closures Schutte Bagclosures

Security tamper-evident clip for food packaging. The closures are made of plastic and can be imprinted with production date or code. They are suitable for use in production areas with metal detection. The ClipStrip plus run on all fully automated bag closing machines of Rianta packaging systems and can be used for closing bags used in the bakery, pastry, confectionery, pasta and noodle products industries.

  • Fully automated, re-closable bag closing

  • For use on the modular and flexible packaging┬ámachine: Rianta

  • Size: 10mm (on reels of 1,000mm)

  • Colours: Black, white, brown, gold, orange, red, yellow, dark blue, light blue, light green and dark brown (Other colours by request)

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