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Supply chain, safety and warning labels for industry.

Car parts belts.

Labels have a significant presence and play a crucial role in the automotive and logistics sectors. They serve various purposes, such as providing safety and warning information, as well as aiding in component identification within warehousing and the supply chain.

There is approximately one square metre of labels present in a car. However, only a small portion, typically 10-15 percent, are applied by automotive OEMs and are visible to car owners, such as tyre pressure and warning labels. The remaining labels are used for component identification, but are usually not visible.

Labels for warehousing.

Effective inventory management is crucial for the smooth functioning of warehouse operations. Depending on the size and location of your warehouse, you may have to handle a large volume of packages daily, which move through various points of entry and exit.

Implementing a labeling system in your warehouse can aid in monitoring the movement of containers through various points of your operations. This labelling system includes container labels as well as identification labels for aisles, warehouse racks, pallets and bins. A well-organised labelling system not only helps workers find products easily, but also generates a log trail that enables quick identification and correction of errors in your supply chain.

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