Healthcare, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Norpak have a long history of supplying to the health sector.

pharmacy labels.

The demands of the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sectors are quite specific, and this is an area in which Norpak have had many years of experience. Products must deliver exceptional accuracy and reliability and must be of high quality.

We supply labelling, bagging and packaging to healthcare providers, producers of medical products and pharmaceutical companies.


In healthcare settings, incorporating barcode labels enhances operational efficiency by lowering the risk of medication errors, promoting patient safety and reducing overall costs. Barcode labels are not exclusively utilised for direct patient care of course - they can also find use in many other healthcare applications.


Consistency and reliability are again key requirements in this sector. Norpak can help you to source the correct products to fulfill your requirements in labelling, barcode printing and packaging.


We offer tailored labelling solutions that cater to the distinctive demands of the pharmaceutical sector. At Norpak, our quality-oriented team have decades of experience in recommending the best options to suit your specific requirements.

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