Horticulture & Agriculture

Hard-wearing labels providing traceability and identification.


Plant and flower labels are frequently employed in the cultivation of ornamental and potted plants to provide key details about the product, ensure clear visibility in the greenhouse regarding planting dates, and differentiate the product from competitors. Various types of plant labels exist, including customised, unprinted, and long-lasting labels.

Unprinted plant labels

Would you like to have a convenient system in your greenhouse to help you track when different types of plants were planted? If so, using unprinted plant labels that can be written on with a marker is an ideal solution. This system is particularly beneficial for breeders and cultivators of young cutting plants. Unprinted plant labels come in various colours, which can be used for sorting purposes, allowing a specific colour to represent a particular plant or date period.

Customer-specific labels

If you intend to use labels for selling purposes, opting for a branded, customised label could be great idea. Working together with Norpak, you can design and create your own labelling scheme. This offers the flexibility to include details about the plant's care or specifications. The label can be a variety of shapes and can include your logo, business contact details, images and care tips.

Agricultural labels.

Norpak provides an extensive range of both customisable and pre-designed, printed labels tailored to the agricultural industry. Our durable agriculture labels and tags are engineered to withstand the harsh outdoor elements while providing unparalleled traceability through serialised information and barcodes, which can be marked using thermal-transfer printers.

With organic farming and produce, labelling is even more important and we can work with you to ensure your product and labels adhere to compliance standards.

We also supply various ties that are used within the Horticulture and Agriculture sectors:

Twist Ties in both plastic and paper, popular in green for these sectors, but other colours are available.

Drillbinders/Sack ties that are used for fencing and penning, closing heavy duty bags or bundling of various items.

Klemwire which is a closure reinforced with a central 0.5mm wire with a soft outer material to support and protect plants and products against damage. Also suitable for bundling carrots, radishes etc. by their tops/leaves.

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